Fourgen Information Systems (Pvt) Ltd.
  Fourgen Retail Management System)

FOURGEN Retail Management System (RMS) is a powerful business management solution developed specifically for retailers. It is designed to escalate profit in a challenging market by increasing sales and successfully managing inventory, suppliers, pricing, promotions, staff and customers.

The core of FOURGEN RMS is a fully integrated Head Office, Back Office and Point of Sale software system.


Fast and Easy Point of Sale Processing - To help customers at the point of sale, you can ring up sales, add discounts, look-up items, find customers, perform returns, and process payments simple and quick.

Helpful Inventory Management - So you can eliminate time-consuming paper-based tracking, reduce errors and remember to re-order stock when it’s running low instead of when you run out.

Insightful Customer Management - To enhance customer service and relationships by enabling you to access purchase histories and assign automatic discounts to your preferred customers.

Discreet Role Management - You can assign employees different levels of access to help protect sensitive information and manage employees more effectively, so you don’t have to be in-store all the time.

Smart Robust Reporting - To boost your analytical and business planning capabilities so you can stay on top of your business better.

Efficient Integrated Payment Processings - To save you time and help reduce the likelihood of errors at customer checkout by eliminating the need for double entry.